Cat and Bear


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Hi there ! I'm Xenia the owner/designer behind Cat & Bear. I live in Toronto, with my partner in crime and our two boys Max (Cat ) 9 years old and Logan (Bear) the baby. Cat and Bear was born in 2015 when I got laid off , we found shortly after that we had  baby on the way, since then I have devoted every  free minute  to make the Cat and Bear dream come true. All our clothing has been designed and sewn by me on our dinning table (my office) at nap time or after the kiddos are off to bed. With our "Grow With Me" designs we make sure our children's clothing will be a good fit for couple of years not only one season. We also work with animal free sourced materials, boasts a zero-waste design philosophy , which includes local manufacturing, non-toxic dyes and sustainable fibers. 

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